17. Tired of Obsessing & Feeling Out of Control with Food? Listen Up!

binge eating diet mentality emotional eating intuitive eating self-sabotage Oct 02, 2023
Food Cravings, Food Obsession

Do you find yourself thinking about food 24/7 and are you tired of feeling like food holds power over you? You’re not alone. The way that we approach food in our society is making us obsessed with it. It’s really easy to get caught up in diet culture practices such as labeling food as “good” or “bad” and following restrictive food rules that leave us thinking about food all the dang time and feeling like food holds so much power in our lives. 

If you’re ready to stop obsessing and create a more peaceful, pleasurable and balanced relationship with food, this episode is for you.

In the episode, I’m sharing:

  • What is driving you to think about food 24/7.
  • How the food rules you adhere are unknowingly keeping you feeling out of control and stuck.
  • My top strategies for taking your power back so you can stop obsessing, eat in a way that feels good physically and emotionally and have more freedom and balance in your relationship with food.

It is totally possible to live your life without obsessing about food 24/7. It’s time to start taking your power back so you can create the healthy, peaceful and balanced relationship with food you were born to have.


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