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If you've been dieting forever and keep losing and regaining the weight, you may already have an inkling that...

Diets Don’t Work! 

But that doesn't stop you from blaming yourself when a diet doesn't produce long-term results, does it?

Here's the reality...every year, science continues to confirm our worst suspicions about dieting. Facts like: 95% of people will regain the weight they lose from a diet, and 60% will regain more than they started with. Bottom line is, for an overwhelming majority of people, restrictive diets do more harm than good.

Don’t waste your time and money on another diet that won’t produce long lasting, sustainable results.

Strict rules and all-or-nothing, unsustainable practices don’t create lasting change.

It’s time to transform your relationship with food from the inside out.

You were NOT put on this earth to obsess about calories, macros or points! Your body instinctively knows what it needs to thrive and you can relearn how to listen to and honor those innate cues that will allow you to stabilize and maintain your healthiest weight.

My approach is all about balance, flexibility and relearning how to recognize and respond to your internal cues. The tools, and strategies I teach will give you everything you need to reconnect and rebuild trust in your body's infinite wisdom to eat and move in a way that supports your nutritional, physical, and emotional well-being

It's time to uncover the unhealthy diet mentality thinking and eating patterns that are blocking you from a healthy relationship with food and rebuild intuition, trust and self-compassion for lasting change. 


Does any of this

sound like you...

You're ready to go from:

⟡ Jumping from diet to diet, losing and regaining the weight - or more - every time. 

⟡ Being "good" all day, then feeling out of control and binge eating at night. 

⟡ Habitually eating in the absense of hunger and using food as a way to cope with boredom, sadness, anxiety or any other emotion.

So that you can:

⟡ Stop dieting and finally get to a healthy, maintainable weight.

⟡ Feel in control around all foods and stop intense cravings and binge eating.

⟡ Eat the foods you enjoy in accordance with your body's cues and manage emotions without turning to food.

self-study course

The Intuitive Eating Academy

Your Journey to Food Freedom & Body Trust

Picture the version of you who is able to eat all foods you enjoy without guilt and feel in complete control over how often and how much you eat.

Guess what? That Intuitive Eater is already inside you!

You were born with all the innate wisdom needed to adequately nourish your body. Then, that instintual pattern of eating got hijacked by diet culture with a never-ending array of diets and “lifestyles” with restrictive rules that taught you not to trust your hunger cues. Breaking free from the diet/weight loss/regain cycle requires uncovering and changing the thought patterns and eating behaviors that are keeping you stuck in the diet cycle.  

The Intuitive Eating Academy, is a self-paced, online course designed to help you master Intuitive Eating. The skills you will learn will empower you to rebuild a healthy and uncomplicated relationship with ALL foods and improve your overall body image. My 12-week program will help you ditch the chronic diet/binge-eating cycle so you can get to and maintain your healthiest weight without obsessing, counting, & tracking.


private 1:1 coaching

Break free from the weight loss/regain cycle of dieting and get to & maintain your healthiest weight

If you're ready to break free from diet culture, stop obsessing about food, and learn to trust your body, you're in the right place. Creating a peaceful, healthy, sustainable relationship with food requires uncovering and unlearning old habits and ways of thinking and developing a new mindset and behaviors that will support lasting change.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Coach, I provide education, tools and personalized guidance & support to help you stop dieting, reclaim your ability to honor your body's individual needs, including hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and pleasure and find a balanced approach to food and movement. The tools you will learn and work you will do to change your relationship with food and your body is some of the most powerful you can do and can be a springboard to transforming ALL areas of your life.


group coaching

Coming Soon!

Group coaching community for women ready to sustain a healthy relationship with food & build body confidence.


This program is for women who are ready to step into the best version of themelves and put an end to the obsession with food and diet culture.

Group coaching provides a highly supportive and private community for connecting and learning with others who are on the journey to creating a healthy, balanced and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. The support you will experience from connecting with women on the same journey, hearing others be coached and listening to their lived experiences, challenges and successes creates a platform for powerful learning, "aha" moments & sustainable growth. 


Are you ready?

Ready to build a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable relationship with food? 


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