Hey There! I'm Cindy.

Hey there!

I'm Cindy, and I'm so glad you're here.

As a registered healthcare professional and certified coach, I've spent decades helping thousands of people achieve their health, personal and professional goals. Now, as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I’m on a mission to help women uncover and address what’s actually standing in the way of experiencing a truly healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

My story might sound a bit like yours.

I have always really loved food. I love salads, chicken breast and veggies (the “good” foods) as much as I love pizza, chips and French fries (the “bad” foods)!

For most of my adult life, I bought into the societal notion that told me thinner and leaner meant healthier. I thought of myself as health-minded, but the truth is I was more of a health-obsessed weight watcher who exercised to extremes to stay thin and compensate for any “bad” foods I ate. My morning weigh in ritual would set the trajectory for the whole day. If the number wasn’t “right”, I was in for a day of food restriction and negative self-talk. All too often, the deprivation would leave me feeling empty, the hunger would get intense, and I would eat the “bad” foods my body was craving.

My dysfunctional relationship with food started early in life with a battle with anorexia at the age of 17 after my dad passed. What followed was decades of disordered eating, following all of the diet trends, eating plans and “lifestyles” that promised fast and long-lasting results. At any given time, there was some food group that was the enemy, a tracking system to obsess over, a juice cleanse for “detoxing,” or fasting protocol that would magically make me “healthier”. And of course, this all came with a hefty side of guilt and negative self-talk when I broke a food rule, missed a workout, ate a forbidden food or in some way didn’t live up to the unrealistic expectations I was embracing. 

Reality is, it was never enough. I never arrived at what my brain recognized as the perfect level of thinness or “health.” And all the while, I thought it was me. I was the problem.

“Why did I eat that?”

“Why don’t I have enough willpower?”

“I need to do better.”

The cycle was always the same. Every time I told myself that I “shouldn’t” or “couldn’t” eat a food, that’s all I wanted to eat. When I gave in and ate the food, I felt guilty and believed I needed to compensate with exercise and more restriction for being “bad.” 

It was mentally exhausting but it’s all I knew. That was until I started hearing about Intuitive Eating on the internet, in articles and on social media. I started to have my eyes opened to the reality that this was my body’s normal response to restriction and that the mental and physical restriction is what was driving obsessive thoughts and my dysfunctional relationship with food.

“Wait…you mean it’s actually dieting and food restriction that leads to binge eating?" 

"If I stop restricting and allow myself permission to eat any food, it will reduce my intense cravings and desire to overeat or binge on that food!”

Not to sound dramatic but this was nothing short of life changing. Fast forward to today and external food rules no longer dictate what, when and how much I eat. I’ve learned how to reconnect with my body's internal cues which are much more equipped at knowing what my body needs for fuel and nourishment.

Stopping restrictive diets, learning to appreciate how different foods make me feel, giving myself permission to enjoy all foods without guilt, and trading punishing workouts for forms of movement that I genuinely enjoy have shown me that a life of restriction and judgment no longer have to be my story.

Now, as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I coach women to show them that it doesn’t have to be theirs either. My goal is to help women discover that…

  • Salad and French fries can co-exist in a healthy diet.
  • You can get to and maintain your healthiest weight without restrictive diets, tracking points/macros/calories, and punishing workouts.
  • Giving yourself permission to enjoy all foods is the key to breaking free from dieting, obsessing about food 24/7 and binge eating.
  • You truly can eat your favorite “forbidden” foods without drama or binge eating.
  • Self-compassion and self-love will take you so much further than self-hate ever will.
  • Change comes when you start accepting yourself as you are, right now.
  • Old dieting patterns can be unlearned, and intuition, trust, and self-compassion can be rebuilt.
  • That the number on the scale does not define you and showing respect for you’re here and now body is possible, even if you have the desire to change it.
  • You can learn a way of eating that is physically and psychologically sustainable that you can keep up for life!

Strict rules and all-or-nothing, unsustainable practices don’t create lasting change. You deserve freedom and healing! My approach is all about balance, flexibility and relearning how to recognize and respond to your internal cues. Whatever your journey has looked like, a peaceful relationship with food and your body is completely possible and I’m here to support you every step of the way! 


This is where your transformation begins!

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