18. Healing from Trauma Induced Disordered Eating with Alexandra Becker

disordered eating eating disorder intuitive eating trauma trauma recovery Oct 18, 2023
Traumatized woman with eating disorder

A common cause of disordered eating comes from the pressures of an aggressive dieting culture. And being surrounded by images of the “thin ideal” can certainly play a role in developing disordered eating and full-blown eating disorders. However, sometimes disordered eating can be a coping tool that a person may use to try to fill the void left by overwhelmingly painful or frightening experiences.

Today on the show, I have a special guest. Her name is Alexandra Becker. She is an LCSW who works primarily with young adults who have experienced trauma and struggle with anxiety disorders, poor body image and issues with self-esteem.

You are going to hear us talk about:

  • how Intuitive Eating was an integral part of her own healing journey with disordered eating.
  • how trauma can make people more vulnerable to disordered eating and eating disorders and how common it is to struggle with disordered eating and not even realize it.
  • Her experience with incorporating Intuitive Eating as an important part of the healing journey for those who struggle with body image and disordered eating behaviors stemming from trauma.
  • The importance of prioritizing self-care practices and coping strategies when recovering from trauma and rebuilding a healthy relationship with food and body.

It’s such a great conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

You can also find Alexandra on using the link below.

You can also reach her via email at [email protected].


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