16. 5 Reasons Why Restricting Food May Be Causing You to Gain Weight

binge eating dieting disordered eating intuitive eating weight gain weight loss weight maintanence Sep 08, 2023
Dieting Causes Weight Gain

In America alone, statistics show that 45 million people go on a diet each year. However, only 5% actually keep the weight off. If you’re a serial dieter, there’s a good chance you’ve lost and regained the weight (or more) several times in your life. This vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight is often a result of restrictive dieting and drastically reducing the amount of food you eat.

The desire to lose weight is not bad. But all too often, in our quest for a quick fix to lose weight fast, we get sucked into the trap of following restrictive diets that ultimately backfire, are a set up for failure, have a negative impact and consequences on our physical and mental health and leave us with a very messed up relationship with food.  

In this episode I’m sharing 5 reasons why restricting food may be causing you to gain weight in the long run. You’ll learn how restrictive dieting impacts your body’s metabolic processes, including hormones and how our genetics plays an important role in weight maintenance and reaching a weight that is healthy AND sustainable for you.

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