19. Halloween Candy Got You Spooked? How to Ditch the Fear & Regain Control

halloween intuitive eating make peace with food mindful eating stop binge eating Oct 26, 2023
Halloween, Woman eating candy, Binge eating

Does the thought of Halloween candy conjure up scary feelings of being out control when candy is in the house? If you’re feeling stressed about keeping Halloween candy in your house for fear you will binge eat the candy and not be able to control yourself until the candy is out of the house, this episode is for you.

Here’s what I want you to know. It’s completely possible to keep your favorite Halloween candy in the house without feeling out of control. And you can eat Halloween candy without bingeing!

In this episode, I’m sharing strategies to help you ditch the fear, regain control and create a more balanced, peaceful relationship with the Halloween candy bowl.

You’ll learn specific behavioral, and mindset shifts that will help you fully enjoy and feel in control around all of your favorite holiday treats before, during and after Halloween night.

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