Tired of feeling trapped in

the vicious cycle of

losing & regaining weight  and being obsessed with thoughts about

food & your body?


There is a way out!

Yes! Tell Me More

Tired of feeling trapped in the 

vicious cycle 

of losing & regaining weight and 

being obsessed 

with thoughts about

food & your body?


There is a way out!

Want to know why you struggle with the yo-yo cycle of losing and regaining weight? 


Watch this short video to find out!


Intuitive Eating is a one-size-fits-YOU approach.

No fads. No fasting.

Just a no-nonsense way to the healthiest version of YOU!

Are you ready to:

End the chronic weight loss/regain cycle?

➔ Stop overeating & vowing to “start over” tomorrow?

➔ Regain trust in your body's internal cues?

➔ Stop using food to cope with negative emotions?

And FINALLY END THE WAR with food & your body?


If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here! 


Hi, I’m Cindy, RDH, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Body Image Coach. I'm on a mission to help women end the weight loss/regain cycle of chronic dieting to get to & maintain their healthiest weight without obsessing, counting & tracking.


A life free of restriction, obsessive thoughts about food and yo-yo weight cycling is totally possible and you deserve that freedom! 

Does any of this sound familiar?

➔ You "do good" all week, then eat "all the things" on the weekend and vow to "start over" on Monday.

➔ You've tried all the "get skinny quick" schemes only to gain even more weight.

 ➔ The number on the scale can dictate how you feel and what you eat that day.

➔ Thoughts about food & your body take up SO much mental energy.

➔ You engage in tons of negative self-talk about food and your body.

➔ You've struggled with binge eating & feel you can't control yourself around certain foods.

➔ You feel like you have dieted for your entire life, losing & regaining the weight, maybe more.

➔ You're tired of counting calories, picking apart your flaws, and obsessing about what to eat.

➔ The idea of giving up dieting feels scary and intimidating, but also exciting.


I promise, you are not broken, and freedom IS possible! 


Want to know why the restrictive diets you've already tried DIDN'T work?

Restrictive diets don't work because:

➔ The human body responds to food restriction (intentional or unintentional) by seeing it as a dangerous threat.

➔ To combat restriction, your body slows down your metabolism, serves up obsessive thoughts of food and increases hunger to keep you alive.

➔ This increased hunger and desire for food is often what leads to binge eating and rebound weight gain.

➔ Regaining the weight leads to feelings of failure & guilt and a resolve to start a new diet. And the cycle continues...

This program will help you end the diet cycle & learn how to:

➔ Honor your body’s hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues to keep your body fueled and prevent overeating.

➔ Create a healthy, sustainable relationship with food & your body that makes you feel your best mentally & physically.

➔ Trust yourself around all types of food, without fear or feeling out of control.

➔ Free your mind from obsessive & restrictive thoughts, and find a healthy, balanced approach to eating and exercise.


You didn't fail...the diet failed YOU!



Every year science continues to confirm our worst suspicions about dieting...

95% of people who lose weight from restrictive dieting gain it back in 2-5 years.

Two-thirds of those people will regain more than they started with.

Imagine for a minute...

  • The ease of simply eating when you're hungry and stopping when full.
  • Feeling free to eat all the foods, without guilt, in accordance with your body’s cues.
  • Spending social gatherings focused on enjoying yourself, not calories.
  • Keeping ANY foods you enjoy in the house and trusting yourself fully around them.
  • Finally feeling in control around food and stopping the binge/restrict cycle.
  • Being able to process emotions like boredom, anxiety or sadness without turning to food.
  • Having the mental energy to think about things beyond food and your body.
  • Confidently showing up in every area of your life, prioritizing what truly matters and reaching your potential because nothing is holding you back.

Welcome to The Intuitive Eating Academy!

The online program that teaches you how to ditch dieting for good and eat intuitively so you can stop obsessing over food and get to a healthy, sustainable weight.

Inside The Intuitive Eating Academy, you’ll not only learn how to listen to your body and eat intuitively, but you’ll untangle some of the deep-rooted body image hang-ups that are keeping you stuck.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll get access to all the knowledge, tools, and expert tips you need to heal your relationship with food and rebuild body confidence.


It's Time to Get Reacquainted with the Intuitive Eater Inside You.


Your Intuitive Eater is in there! 
That part of you just got hijacked by a diet culture that taught you not to trust your inner wisdom and instead, to follow external rules about how you "should" eat.


Whether you struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, negative body image or are simply sick & tired of dieting & having stress around food rule your life, going on another diet is NOT the answer!
In my Intuitive Eating Academy Online Course, you'll work through the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating and be fully equipped with the tools and skills to break free from the diet cycle for good. 

So, what makes Intuitive Eating so much more effective than dieting?

The Pitfalls of Dieting:

➔ Dieting is all about forcing change from the outside in with restriction and rules that have proven to fail to produce lasting, sustainable results.

➔ Creates an adversarial relationship with food, fostering increased cravings and the belief that you're being "good" or "bad" based on what you eat. 

Promotes future weight gain by slowing down your metabolism so when normal eating resumes, the body gains weight faster than prior to dieting.

Fosters feelings of failure, guilt & shame leading to lower levels of confidence, self-esteem, and poor body image. 

The Upside of Intuitive Eating:

➔ Intuitive Eating supports lasting change from the inside out by reconnecting to your innate cues and the nutritional & emotional needs of your mind & body.

➔ Creates a peaceful & pleasurable relationship with food, leading to balanced eating habits & eliminates the drive to eat large quantities of any one food.

➔ Promotes weight stability by keeping your body fueled throughout the day by responding to internal cues which stimulates your metabolism.

Fosters feelings of satisfaction and well-being leading to improved body image, self-esteem, and overall health.

These benefits are possible for you no matter how long you've been on the diet rollercoaster!

Intuitive Eating is SO much more than just "not dieting."

There is a lot of incomplete information about what Intuitive Eating is. 
If you’ve been learning about Intuitive Eating from social media, it’s easy to get the idea that it’s simply “not dieting" and eating whatever the hell you want. Wrong! 


In reality, Intuitive Eating is...

➔ All about rebuilding trust, awareness, and connection with your body.

➔ An evidence-based practice with more than 200 studies to date.

➔ Having unconditional permission to eat in attunement with your body's internal cues.

➔ A process to genuinely improve your health and well-being (physically, mentally and emotionally).

➔ A sustainable, life-long way of eating that ends the chronic diet-binge-guilt cycle.


Here's more great news!


Research shows that Intuitive Eating ...

➔ Fosters improved body image.

➔ Improves life satisfaction & self-esteem.

➔ Increases motivation for movement.

➔ Increases intake of nutritious foods.

➔ Improves overall health, including decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol.

➔ Decreases loss-of-control eating and binge eating.

➔ Fosters optimism & overall well-being.

➔ Enhances coping skills. 

In my Intuitive Eating Academy online course, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to fully understand, internalize and apply the principles of Intuitive Eating to your life.

The Intuitive Eating Academy online program will help you...

Rebuild a healthy, uncomplicated relationship with ALL foods

All foods have a place in a healthy lifestyle. 

When you stop restricting & labeling foods as "bad" or "off-limits", the heightened desire to overindulge greatly diminishes and you'll begin to eat in a more balanced, intuitive way. 

Develop a mindset & behaviors that support lasting change 

A diet mindset leads to guilt and out of control behaviors around food when rules are broken.

Breaking free from diet mentality thinking will allow you to shift toward healthy, sustainable behaviors that support lasting change.


End the restrictive eating habits that lead to binge eating

Food restriction sets off a natural, biological drive to eat. 

Understanding & listening to your body's cues to keep your body fueled with satisfying meals and snacks is the antidote to prevent chaotic eating episodes.


Make intuitive food decisions that honor both health & pleasure

Intuitive Eating is all about enjoying foods that honor your taste buds and your body.

This leads to more pleasurable eating experiences and less obsessive cravings after meals that are unsatisfying.

Improve your overall body image and self-care practices

Say goodbye to judgment & self-sabotage!

Improving body image begins with treating your body with the care & respect it deserves and honoring your health with exercise that feels good. 

Navigate emotional eating & engage with "forbidden" foods without overeating

When you learn healthy coping strategies, you are able to manage negative emotions without using food and have the tools to engage with previously "forbidden" foods without overeating them.

And what about 3 COMMON MYTHS that will keep you from having a healthy relationship with food & your body.

"I need to avoid certain foods in order to maintain a healthy weight."

Nope...in fact, the opposite is true!

Restriction leads to feelings of deprivation; deprivation leads to intense cravings that become harder to resist and ultimately leads to overeating or binge eating foods you've been restricting and labeled as "bad".

"I need a diet that will help me lose weight for good to be healthy & happy."

Don't be fooled by the false hype!

The majority of dieters (at least 95 percent) regain everything they lost and then some within three years. Yo-yo dieting is linked to heart disease, insulin resistance, higher blood pressure, inflammation, and, ironically, long-term weight gain

"If only I had more willpower, I would be able to lose weight and keep it off."

Studies have proven that diets do not lead to long-term weight loss

NOT because dieters have less willpower. Weight regain after a diet is a predictable response to changes in metabolism, hormone response, & faulty thought patterns caused by dieting.


The thoughtful video recordings for each module felt like a personalized conversation, as if Cindy were speaking directly to me.

After the course, my whole approach to the simple act of feeding myself is 1000% different.


If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide to intuitive eating that combines heartfelt examples, compassion, and a powerful & actionable tools, exercises & strategies, The Intuitive Eating Academy online course is an invaluable resource.

You can break the free from the diet cycle!


By the end of The Intuitive Eating Academy program, you'll be:

  • Making food choices from a place of self-care, that honor both pleasure and health.
  • Aligning your food desires with your hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues.
  • More relaxed and in control when eating previously "forbidden" foods, without overindulging.
  • Less caught up in thoughts about food and your body and more focused on what's truly important.  
  • Navigating emotional eating with new coping skills vs. using food as a buffer.
  • Engaging in physical activity for health & enjoyment vs. earning permission or as penance for eating.

The Intuitive Eating Academy is a comprehensive, self-paced online course inspired by the evidence-based 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating and is designed to help you stop the vicious diet cycle for good.


Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1 - Build Your Foundation

In module 1, you'll discover:
How diet mentality keeps us in a battle with food & our body’s.
✓ Why it's the diet, not you, that failed.
Your current barriers to a healthy relationship with food.
How to apply self compassion and make sustainable changes.
Ways to begin challenging your inner critic.

Module 2 - Reject the Diet Mentality

In module 2, you’ll discover:
Science-backed evidence showing why diets don’t work long term.
Diet-focused rules & restrictions that are keeping you stuck in the diet cycle.
How to shift toward a healthier mindset around food & body.
New skills & behaviors to support lasting change.

Module 3 – Honor Your Hunger

In module 3, you’ll learn:
How denying hunger can lead to chaotic or binge eating episodes.
To honor your body’s hunger cues to fuel your metabolism.
Subtle hunger signs you may be missing that lead to intense hunger & cravings.
Self-care practices that will deepen your connection to your body and hunger signals.

Module 4 - Make Peace with Food

In module 4, you’ll learn:
Why you feel out of control around “forbidden” foods and how to change that.
What it means to fully give yourself unconditional permission to eat & why it's so critical.
How to eat “forbidden” foods without feeling out of control and overeating.

Module 5: Challenge the Food Police

In module 5, you’ll learn how to:
Practice self-awareness and identify the Food Police thoughts that are driving your behaviors.
Challenge & redirect negative food police beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
Apply a self-coaching model to replace negative thoughts with realistic, flexible ones.

Module 6: Feel Your Fullness

In module 6, you will learn how to:
Connect with the nuances of your physical sensations of fullness.
Uncover habits that distract you from feeling the early signs of fullness.
Easy mindful eating practices that encourage eating with conscious awareness.
Pair foods that satisfy & sustain.

Module 7: The Satisfaction Factor

In module 7, you will learn:
How increasing satisfaction in meals/snacks prevents rebound or out-of-control eating.
5 steps to reclaiming pleasure and satisfaction with food.
How to eat a balanced variety of foods you enjoy that honor your taste buds & your body.

Module 8: Manage Emotional Eating

In module 8, you will:
Differentiate between compensatory eating from deprivation vs. emotional eating.
Identify and address the root causes of emotional eating.
Develop healthier coping strategies to avoid using food to numb your feelings.

Module 9: Respect Your Body

In module 9, we will explore:
Methods to break free from unhealthy body bashing/body comparison practices.
Your unique strengths & amazing ways your body serves you.
Strategies to apply now to improve your body image and show respect for your body.

Module 10: Intuitive Movement

In module 10, you will discover:
How to restore trust in your body and find forms of movement that support your health.
Mindset & behavioral changes that will move you toward a healthy exercise routine.
Creative ways you can incorporate enjoyable and consistent movement into your life.

Module 11: Gentle Nutrition

In module 11, you’ll learn:
Nutrition as a source of self-care & a way to manage your energy levels to feel your best.
An approach to balance your intake of nutritious foods with play foods.
Simple ways to incorporate gentle nutrition practices into your eating routine.

Module 12: Intuitive Eating & Beyond

In the last module, you will:
Assess and celebrate how far you’ve come on your Intuitive Eating journey.
Identify specific areas to focus on to take your Intuitive Eating skills to the next level.
Discover how to apply the tools to unlock your intuition to improve ALL areas of your life.

* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to help you on your Intuitive Eating journey!


Guided Meditation for Navigating Negative Emotions

Humans drive to resist or avoid uncomfortable feelings is one of the reasons why so many of us engage in emotional eating.  Learning how to allow and process through difficult emotions is an extremely valuable skill to practice as you move forward on your Intuitive Eating journey.


Downloadable Motivational Phone Wallpapers 

Shifting toward a healthier mindset and behaviors around food & your body takes focus. Download  images to set as your home screen background with positive reinforcements to keep you focused on your food freedom journey each time you open your device.

Here's what's included in the Intuitive Eating Academy Online Course

When you invest in this course, you get unlimited access to: 

1. 12 guided coaching lessons filled with actionable insight & tools. (Value $1000)

2. PDF workbooks with exercises and activities to help you take action on what you learn in each module. (Value $300)

3. All course materials + all future updates. (Value $200)

4.  Access to a private community where you can ask questions, tune into live Q+A's and receive support. (Value $100)

5. BONUS! Guided meditation for navigating negative emotions. (Value $50)

6. BONUS! Motivational phone wallpapers to remind you of your food freedom journey each time you open your device. (Value $25)


 Total Value = ($1675)  




$295 USD

One-Time Payment

Self-Study Course

Total Value = ($1675)

You'll get:

 Unlimited Access to the Course & All Future Updates

 Private Facebook Group

 Guided Meditation

 Motivational Phone Wallpapers


 Private Facebook Group

 Guided Meditation

 Motivational Phone Wallpapers






$750 USD

One-Time Payment or Payment Plan

3 Month Coaching Program

Total Value = ($2425)

You'll get:

Unlimited Access to the Course & All Future Updates

 Private Facebook Group

 Guided Meditation

 Motivational Phone Wallpapers


 Personalized 1:1 Coaching

 Bi-weekly Sessions with Cindy

 Email and Text Support Between Sessions

 Save $75 with one-time payment



$1500 USD

One Time Payment or Payment Plan

6 Month Coaching Program

Total Value = ($3175)

You'll get:

Unlimited Access to the Course & All Future Updates

 Private Facebook Group

 Guided Meditation

 Motivational Phone Wallpapers


 Personalized 1:1 Coaching 

 Bi-weekly Sessions with Cindy

 Email and Text Support Between Sessions

 Save $150 with one-time payment


Haven't you wasted enough time, money and emotional energy on diet programs that are set up to fail?


The diet industry has repeat customers for a reason!


➔ You were NOT put on this earth to obsess about calories, macros or points!
➔ Your body instinctively knows what it needs to thrive, and you can relearn how to listen to and honor those innate cues that will allow you to stabilize and maintain your healthiest weight.
➔ The tools, and strategies I teach will give you everything you need to reconnect and rebuild trust in your body's infinite wisdom to eat and move in a way that supports your nutritional, physical, and emotional well-being!
➔ It's time to uncover the unhealthy diet mentality thinking and eating patterns that are blocking you from a healthy relationship with food and rebuild intuition, trust and self-compassion for lasting change.

I've Still Got Questions

No problem - check out the most frequently asked ones below...

Are you ready to FINALLY get to and maintain your healthiest weight?

Most of us diet for 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years before we realize that it’s doing more harm than good. Now that you know, don't wait to get the tools you need. 

A world free of restriction, guilt and out of control eating episodes is calling!
Start your path to freedom today and see how your life transforms in 30, 60, 90 days and beyond!
 I'll see you on the inside!


👉 Yes! I'm Ready 👈

Are you ready to FINALLY get to and maintain your healthiest weight?

Most of us diet for 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years before we realize that it’s doing more harm than good. Now that you know, don't wait to get the tools you need. 

A world free of restriction, guilt and out of control eating episodes is calling!
Start your path to freedom today and see how your life transforms in 30, 60, 90 days and beyond!
 I'll see you on the inside!
👉 Yes! I'm Ready