10. Want to Stop Emotional Eating? Listen Now!

binge eating cognitive behavioral therapy emotional eating intutive eating mental health May 31, 2023

So many people struggle with emotional eating. Eating is a common response to resisting negative emotions. Doing so is actually a coping skill. However, it’s an avoidant coping skill instead of an active one. Not a big deal when we do this occasionally. But when we are using food as our main coping strategy for managing negative emotions this can be harmful. So, when food is being used in a way where it doesn’t leave space for other forms of coping, that’s when emotional eating becomes problematic. Reality is, eating doesn’t resolve the issue driving the underlying emotion and often adds another layer of emotional discomfort when we feel judgment, guilt and shame for eating. In this episode, I’ll teach you how to recognize what is actually driving emotional eating and binge eating episodes and you will learn a process and coping strategies that will help you stop using food as a tool to manage difficult emotions.

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